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The Armenian Students' Association, Inc. (ASA Inc.) congratulated Elizabeth Dovlatyan, and Rose Marie Maljian/Akian who were the winners of the 2016 "Arthur Halvajian Memorial" Armenian Poetry Competition. The competition was organized and sponsored by the ASA Inc. in partnership with the support of the Armenian Poetry Project. The competition ran from the autumn 2015 through the spring of 2016.

Rose Marie Maljian/Akian of Belleville NJ won the $300 prize in the 23+ age group for her entry, Rest you Peaceful Children of Antoura (written in Armenian). Elizabeth Dovlatyan, a student at the A&M Hovsepian School in Pasadena, CA garnered the $75 prize in the 12-17 age group for her entry, The Wind and the Pomegranate.

Receiving honorable mention in the 12-17 age group was Lorents Assadourian of California for Experiencing Vegas. Michael Minasssian of Texas for I Hear the Old Woman's Song, and Aram Luke Nahabedian of California for First and Last Love (written in Armenian), received honorable mentions in the 23+ age group.

The Armenian Poetry Project, led by Lola Koundakjian, is a research and documentation site of 19th to 21st Century Armenian poets and poetry. Tsoleen Sarian of Massachusetts, Christopher Janigian of Rhode Island and Lola Koudakjian rounded out the organizing and selection committee. Manoog Kaprielian, a member of the ASA Inc. Board of Trustees served as the liaison to the group.

You can learn more about the Armenian Poetry Project by visiting the following link.

The Armenian Students' Association, Inc. encourages educational pursuits by Armenians in America and the raising of their intellectual standards, provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships to deserving Armenian students, develops fellowship among them, cultivates in them the spirit of service in the public interest, and acquaints them and the entire American community with Armenian culture. Armenian Poetry Project is entering its sixth year and expanding its competition to draw writers from throughout Canada and the United States.


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