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ASA-APP First Annual Poetry Writing Competition (2010)
Winners of the ASA's and APP's First Annual Poetry Writing Competition are as follows:

Teenage Category:
Winner:   Simone Akgulian
School:   Oak Park River Forest High School
Home:   Oak Park, IL
Entry:   Roll Call

College Category:
Winner:   Nairi Khatchadourian
School:   American University of Paris
Home:   Glendale, CA
Entry:   Անանուանելի ինչ որ զգացում

23 Years and Older Category:
Winner:   Alexandra Bezdikian
Home:   San Francisco, CA
Entry:   berated

Honorable Mention:
Winner:   Ashley Merdkhanian
Home:   Pasadena, CA
Entry:   Under My Skin

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