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Prepare for a year to study in a FREE European-accredited Czech, German or American University in Prague with European Academ
Prepare for a year to study in a FREE European-accredited Czech, German or American University in Prague with European Academy Prague!

Hello all,
Ever thought of studying your Bachelor’s or Master’s in Europe, in an EU-accredited university? The UK and Ireland however are extremely expensive, aren’t they?
However, in the European Academy Prague, Czech Republic you would spend one year in Prague doing prepatory courses for studying in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, and private Anglo-American universities for free.
What is advantageous about studying in Central Europe?
  • Studying in the universities in the Czech Republic and Germany completely free of charge. Private Anglo-American universites which offer the exact same degrees as those based in the UK and US, are much cheaper than those in the English-speaking countries.
  • The diplomas offered in all Czech, German, and Austrian universities are all EU- and internationally-accredited, therefore they are recognised all over the world
  • With the Student Visa offered, students can work, have paid internships, have huge student discounts in the cities and are also granted with a Schengen visa, which means they can travel freely in Europe.
  • Eventually, they have a right to become an EU resident on the basis of employment.
What does the European Academy Prague do?
The European Academy Prague (EAP) is an educational institution which offers students the possibility to obtain this free higher education in Europe. EAP offers preparation for entrance exams in the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, and the private Anglo-American universities in those countries, for your free university education.
  • We have the Official Permission of the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic and are working with the European Linguistics Gymnasium to help students prepare not only for entrance into Czech universities by receiving CEFR A1-C2 certificates in the Czech language (in compliance with the European Council.
  • Along with this, we offer courses in the Czech language to prepare for the CEFR certificates, and legalisation of high school diplomas.
  • The same is taught for English and German-speaking universities by offering the German DAF certificate and the English TOEFL and IELTS certificates, along with language courses in both languages.
  • Not only do we offer courses in the languages themselves, we also offer the courses specialising in each academic subject the student wishes to study, i.e., human, juridical, economic, technical, medical vocabulary, etc.
  • Language courses are also offered in Russian with professors of philology
  • Our campus is located in the beautiful historical and cultural centre of Prague, with fully equipped classrooms, a presentation and conferece hall, PC lab and student lounge.
  • The EAP offers the highest number of academic hours of languages in the Czech Republic – 30 hours, and the lowest fees for the most qualitative programmes in the Czech Republic.
Aside from academics, the EAP also assists the students in:
  • Assistance and consultation in finding and choosing educational programmes in the Czech Republic and Germany
  • Visa support, including registration at the foreign police, transfer from the airport and
  • Assistance in obtaining insurance, bank accounts, student travel documents and the ISIC card
  • Nostrification of diplomas and certificates
  • Psychological and legal assistance
  • Summer school, linguistic and sports camps, and an opportunity to work and travel in the USA during the summer months.
  • EAP hopes to expand to a larger institution next autumn, where it will offer the UK-recognised Larnaca programme, which are Foundation Year Diplomas, Certificates, and actual Bachelors degrees in Tourism, IT, Interior Design and Architectural Drawing, Business Studies, and Secretarial Studies.
In short, it is one (or possibly more) years spent just at a language school of 30 hours per week where we will also arrange social activities to get to know the country and to adapt to the European environment – almost like a gap year. Then, guaranteed entry into a European-accredited university, or an Anglo-American one, which will open many doors for you.
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