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Kuklovod - The Puppeteer
AlexExtreme Production Presents Emigrant Gangster Drama by American Producer Alex Amirian "Kuklovod" - "The Puppeteer". COMING SOON 2010. The Movie Trailer:

Ladies & Gentlemen!

We would like to introduce a new project by American Producer Alex Amirian, a feature film "Kuklovod" - "The Puppeteer". Alex Amirian past filming includes the production and directing "Winds Of Hope" 2007, "AlexExtreme Philosophy Of Pain" 2008, and "Silence Of The Mountains" 2008, which won the respect of audience in New York - The New York International Independent Film and Video Festival, and in Armenia - GOLDEN APRICOT Yerevan International Film Festival.
The film is being produced by AlexExtreme Production (AAA).
Information about project: the project is international and doesn�t have any analogous work to it by its extent of philosophical thought and richness of plot. The main actors are Russian and American. The feature film is being produced from the script written by Alex Amirian.
The producer�s goal in this film is to try to show the life of newcomers in USA by means of his main characters. The viewer will see the difficulties an immigrant faces with when he/she is in a foreign land. Characters of this action-drama meet various people, who change the character�s world outlook to both good and bad. The eternal dilemma of choice is also present; when the characters have to choose whether to pass through the difficult bed of thorns and overcome, or to choose an easy way and enjoy the sweet life. But one doesn�t always have a choice in life. There are some conditions when fate decides destiny. This is what happens to the main characters, who become the hostages of circumstances.
Becoming corrupt, the main characters, without understanding begin to play a serious game and come across a dangerous force � the Russian mafia. The film differs from many other projects in that it contains mutual relationships between the various immigrant gangs � Latinos, Russians, Italians and Afro-Americans. They all have to coexist in this small world.�
Past filming: New York, Charlotte and Detroit � USA; Copenhagen � Denmark; Moscow � Russia.
The coming filming: Moscow � Russia; New York, Florida � USA.

You can watch the Movie Trailer here:

Don't miss this opportunity to see the�Movie "Kuklovod"�- "The Puppeteer" in 2010.


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