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A joint effort of the ASA of New York, Armenian Graduate Muskie Students' Association and Armenian Tourism Development Agency of Yerevan, Armenia the program is designed to attract the youth and young professionals living in the Diaspora to visit Armenia and to work in their expert capacity in their historical homeland. The timeframe of such assignment could vary from two weeks to a month and extend over longer periods of time. Our hope is that the outcome of the successful implementation of the concept will produce: a steady en masse transfer of modern business mentality and practices to Armenia's corporate world; add transparency and accountability to the local firms; and boost country's economic efficiency and cultural revival in the long run.

Opening up new possibilities, the program provides a great and exciting way to work in an expatriate capacity in a different business culture, allowing for development of greater flexibility in a professional environment. During their internship in Armenia, the participants will have an opportunity to work in competitive local and international companies present in Armenia. It is one of the most exciting ways to get acquainted with the Armenian culture and help one nation establish an even stronger link between its two integral parts - Armenia and the Diaspora.

The NY ASA and its partners will administer the search and negotiations with the companies willing to accept temporary employees from abroad. The internships are not paid unless otherwise agreed. Regular gatherings for program participants will be held with numerous trips to local businesses and various historical monuments and other places of interest across Armenia. The NY ASA, REPA, and ATA will organize these trips and gatherings.

As far as places of employment, the preference is given to local Armenian companies. However, recognizing the needs of the local market, a number of interns will work at various international companies. The following is a sample list of possible employers in Armenia: Bearing Point Armenia; Center for National and International Studies; Cigaronne; CNN Armenia; Grand Candy; Grand Tabacco; National Citizens Initiative; Tourism Development Association; Tufenkian Carpets & Hospitality; US AID Armenia Office; US Department of Agriculture office in Yerevan; VIA-SPHERE TECHNO-PARK Companies; Yerevan State University

The program is targeted at bringing in the 2nd and 3rd generations of young Armenians in the Diaspora. Generally the preference in consideration would be given to the following candidates

  • Students/young professionals
  • First time visitors
  • Established professionals, willing to work in Armenia.

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Internship 2004   Internship 2004   Internship 2004

View Photo Gallery - 2004 ASA Work For Armenia Internship

I would like to share my experiences in Armenia with you. I found the time spent there, on the whole, to be wonderful. My assignment in the Nork Marash Medical Center was well positioned and allowed me a lot of exposure to both surgery and examinations. I saw many things that have solidified my determination to become a doctor. I was amazed at the amount I was able to see in my short time in Armenia.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Armenia and walked away with a greater sense of self and my cultural background. I do have some suggestions for next year's group, however, including a more solidified schedule of work that either includes an actual project for interns to work on, or more time to experience and tour Armenia. I spent the day observing doctors and fellows, but after the first week, the observations became redundant. Also, the conditions of each intern's home-stay should be well assessed and confirmed before the interns arrive. My experience was in an apartment undergoing renovations that was expected, and should have, finished well before I arrived. Finally, more information needs to be provided to the interns prior to departure in regards to contact info in Armenia and the specific area or place in which they will be working. All info I received on the day before my departure. However, that said, for a pilot year run, I feel that NY ASA's summer internship in Armenia has a ton of potential and should be very proud of its successful--and amazing--start-off.

Thank you so much for allowing to me to participate. This experience has definitely made a lasting impression on my life.

Daniella Kadian Dodov

I initially wanted to go to Armenia simply to see the country. I had no idea what I would find or how I would be affected. Since I was a child, Armenia was a mythic place that I had known little to nothing about. I knew that one day I would go and discover what it is to be Armenian outside of my family. I liked the idea of working in the country, if possible, as well. I found the perfect solution in NY ASA's Work for Armenia program.

I was placed at a consulting company in the heart of Yerevan, near many foreign embassies. At the company, Ameria Consulting, I worked in the legal department as I am a law student in the United States. This made professional sense for me, but working in any capacity in Armenia is a great experience for Diaspora youth. The most important thing I learned is how different the approach to life and work is in Armenia-compared to the USA The pace is slower, sometimes more efficient and sometimes less, but in order to truly understand the "business place" in Armenia you have to be there.

My projects took me to the courts of Yerevan to legal, business, and research offices throughout the city. I met numerous people to discuss subjects related to the local business environment to political issues. All of these opportunities were wonderful and gave me the insights into current Armenian issues that will enable me to be a truly effective member of the Armenian Diaspora. They have helped to shape my thinking about how best to aid Armenia in the future. I have also gained a number of contacts to help with projects in the future. I would urge all young Armenian professionals to consider going to Armenia.

I was also able to learn a great deal of Armenian while I was there. For all of us young Armenians who have either lost or nearly lost the language through the generations, a summer in Yerevan is an excellent way to pick it up. My parents and family friends at home were shocked when I spoke Armenian with them after my trip.

Finally, I cannot forget to mention how wonderful everyone on the NY ASA staff was both in the US and in Yerevan. The planning of our events (we nearly saw all of Armenia in 2 months!) and our home-stays were fantastic. Additionally, the people of Armenia are so warm that you cannot help but feel at home all the time!

I am extremely glad to have done this trip and I can't wait to go back to Armenia.

Alex Hakoopian


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