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Photo Gallery
New Jersey ASA Beach Day - August 21st, 1999 Spring Lake, N.J.

Unfortunately it was a cloudy day and the Beach Day was canceled, but some people did show up anyway, so we had a little BBQ at a near by beach house rented by some of our members. Here are some of the pictures...

bbq_vartan1.jpg (18386 bytes)            bbq_george_vartan.jpg (26219 bytes)

Introducing our BBQ master Vartan Avanessian in action, as George heats up his buns,
(NO!!! It was not that cold, we are talking about burger buns!!)

bbq2.jpg (43755 bytes)

OK guys take it easy.. There is enough for everyone...

bbq_ani_ann_veronica.jpg (32179 bytes)

And quality time after everyone is full.
Left to right: Ani, Ann and Veronica
Topic: What's next? ice cream or apple pie?
Things that make you go hmmmmm...