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New York Armenian Students' Association to host lecture/discussion event with Mr. Hilmar Kaiser

For Immediate Release! 

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NEW YORK, NY - The New York Armenian Students' Association will host a lecture/discussion event 
on June 6th with Mr. Hilmar Kaiser on NYU campus in New York at 32 Waverly Place 
(by the NE corner of  Washington Square Park) Room 714.  

The event is to start at 7:30PM sharp 

Admission is free for the ASA members and $5 for non-members.

Mr. Kaiser, a well-known German researcher of Ottoman and German history with special 
emphasis on the Armenian Genocide, as well as late Ottoman social and economic history, will talk 
to the ASA guests on the topic of "The Armenian Genocide and Ottoman Demographic Planning."  
It is one of his latest research subjects and one of the most critical  in the history of the 
Armenian Genocide of the late 19th early 20th centuries.

Hilmar Kaiser has conducted an extensive research on the subject of Armenian Cause in over 60 
archives and universities in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States.  His published works 
include studies carried out with some prominent Armenian researchers of the subject as well as historians 
across the world.  Hilmar Kaiser's work has been produced in at least four Western languages 
(English, German, French, and Italian), making it easily available to the researchers and general 
public across the world.  

Some of the past and current topics of Mr. Kaiser's research include: 
'Imperialism, Racism, and Development Theories. 
The Construction of a Dominant Paradigm on Ottoman Armenians' (published by Gomidas Institute); 

'The Baghdad Railway and the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1916. A Case Study in German Resistance and Complicity, in, 
Remembrance and Denial. The Case of the Armenian Genocide' (edited by Professor Richard Hovannisian); 

'Armenian Property, Ottoman Law and Nationality Policies During the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1916;' 

'A scene from the Inferno.' The Armenians of Erzerum and the Genocide, 1915-1916,' and many more.

Mr. Kaiser is a founding member of the Committee for the Publication of Italian Documents on Armenia; 
holds a position of consultant and researcher at Armenian Film Foundation; and serves on the Board of the 
Center for Contemporary Armenian History in Paris, France.

The New York ASA is a voluntary organization presenting lectures, cultural events and social gatherings.  
A portion of all proceeds will be contributed to the ASA Scholarship Fund, which grants financial aid to college 
students of Armenian descent in the United States.

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