ASA: Armenian Students' Association
New York Armenian Students' Association Survey

We ask that you please answer the questions below. Feel free to add any comments on any question/topic.
Answers to all questions are voluntary and confidential.
Your answers will be taken into consideration in the planning of all future events.
We also hope to bring more involvement of Armenian youth in a community work.
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1) General ASA
- Are you aware of the ASA's mission as an organization? Has the ASA done a good job in carrying out this mission?
Yes     No

- How many general ASA meetings have you attended in the past 5 years?

- Do you regard ASA's current community activities sufficient for a national student association? Please be specific.
Yes     No

- Are there any community projects (groups, etc.) that you would like NY ASA to participate in? If yes, please indicate the activity and explain why.
2) ASA Events
- In the past three years what ASA events did you attend or participate in? When? Why?

- What did you like about the ASA event(s) that you attended? What did you not like?

- How was the organization of that event? Would you change anything?

- Which event is most interesting for you? Please check all that apply.
Film presentation Outdoors activities
Guest speaker on topics dealing with Armenia and Armenians Book signing
Happy hours Poetry readings
Parties Lectures/discussions with prominent Armenian professors, journalists, community leaders, etc.

- Which of the above events would you like the NY ASA to organize?

- Would you be interested in having more discussion type of events? If yes, what topics are you interested in?

- Do you think the ASA should host more parties? Happy Hours? Why?
Yes     No

- Would you be interested in helping to organize an event? If yes, how would you be able to help?
3) Membership/Other
- Are you currently or have you ever been an ASA member?
Yes     No

- How long have you supported the ASA?

- What made you decide to support the ASA, as a member and/or attendee of its events? Please be specific.

- Are you interested in internship opportunities in Armenia? Please be specific.
Yes     No
3) Additional Comments
- Please let us know any other areas of concern that we have not addressed in this survey. You may also put your general comments, suggestions or ideas for future ASA events and any ways that you feel the NY ASA can work more efficiently.