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Our Benefactors


Scholarship Benefactors and Types

Dr. Harry Seneca Charitable Trust  


Ararat Association Scholarship Grant


Ardemis, Armenoohy, and Arpi Arsenian Memorial Grant


Armenian American Veterans' Association of Worcester Scholarship


Harry E. Adrian Memorial Grant

American born Armenian; preferably specializing in Political Science


Samuel Agabian Memorial Grant


Melkon and Negdar Aijian Memorial Grant


T. Thomas Amirian Memorial Grant


Marguerite Chapootian Atamian Memorial Grant


Sarkis Bogosian Memorial Grant


Ara S. Boyan Scholarship Grant



Hermine Buchakian Scholarship Grant


Charlotte Calfaian Scholarship Grant


Arthur H. Dadian Scholarship Grants

Preference Armenian Studies


Alexander A. Dadourian Scholarship


Dadour Dadourian Scholarship Fund


Thomas Richard Dadourian Memorial Grant


Garabed and Almast Der Megrditchian Scholarship Grants


Dhera Dorian Fund for Business Administration


Enkababian Family and Sarian Family Memorial Grant

History or Political Science major attending private college


Parsegh and Thora Essefian Memorial Grant

Armenian Studies


Lionel Galstaun Memorial Grant


Maro Ajemian Galstaun Memorial Grant

Humanities, preferably music major


Antranik and Alice Gurdjian Scholarship Grant


George Gurdjian Memorial Grant


Garabed, Zabel and Vahe Hachikian Scholarship Grant

Preference Chemistry of Business Major

Jack Hajinian Memorial Grant

Medical field


Margaret Shumavonian Harnischfeger Memorial Grant


Hekemian Family Scholarship Grants



George Holopigian Memorial Grants


The Husenig Foundation Scholarship Grant


Armenag and Armenhooi Kalustian Memorial Grant

Preference Education


Aram and Adrine Kamparosyan Memorial Grant


Koren and Alice Odian Kasparian Memorial Grant

International Law, Foreign Lang., Diplomatic Studies


Araxy Kechejian Memorial Grant



George Keverian Public Service Scholarship

Public Service, Principles of Democracy


Haig Koumjian Memorial Grant

Preference New Jersey Resident


Harry A. Kuljian Memorial Grant



Manasel Manasselian Memorial Grant


K. Cyrus Melikian Memorial Grant


Dikran Missirlian Scholarship Grant


Satenik & Adom Ourian Educational Foundation


Larry A. Peters Endowment Fund


Francis Poloshian Memorial Grant


James Poloshian Memorial Grant


Julia Shahan and Shahan Siran Nevshehir Memorial GrantArts


Archak and Meroum Senekjian Memorial Grant


Arthur A. Thovmasian, Jr. Memorial Grant

Preference Rhode Island Resident


Dr. Harry Jeffrey Tourigian Memorial Grant

Preference Medicine


Aram Zakian Memorial Fund


Araxie Zakian Memorial Grant


Charles Zarigian, Esq. Memorial Award

Preference Law, Teaching or Christian Ministry


George Zartarian Memorial Grant

Preference Rhode Island Resident

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